Derek Twigg MP

Member of Parliament for Halton

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Derek is the voice of all people living in the Halton Constituency in Parliament. You can contact him about legislation that is being debated in the House of Commons, about services provided by government departments and other issues that you may be facing. These include but are not limited to health, education, taxation, passports, visas, benefits, pensions and policing.

Please be aware that strict parliamentary protocol dictates that Members of Parliament may only deal with enquiries and cases on behalf of their own constituents. Derek is only able to assist people who live in the Halton Constituency area, which is made up of Widnes, West Runcorn and Hale Village.

Derek has always made sure that he has a staffed Constituency Office in Halton, who are also there to assist you.  This includes his Constituency Assistant who is able to assist on such matters as rapid referrals to various local agencies such as the CAB for practical assistance.

Derek and his small team will always try to assist you on any matter that you raise, however, on matters solely in the remit of Halton Borough Council you may be given the details of a local councillor, if they would be best placed to resolve your council issue.

How to get in touch with Derek

You can fill in and submit the form below. 

By email to 

By telephoning his office on 0151 424 7030. 

In person - Derek holds regular monthly surgeries, attendance is by appointment only. You can make an appointment to attend one of his surgeries by phoning 0151 424 7030. 

By post to Derek Twigg MP, House of Commons, London, SW1A 0AA 

Please include any reference numbers that are relevant such as your National Insurance Number.

Please note that all methods of contact are treated with the same priority.


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