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Bus Services Runcorn "Old Town" Centre

Derek has today written to David Parr, Chief Executive at Halton Borough Council to raise his concerns regarding bus services to and from Runcorn Town Centre, the "Old Town". 

Dear David,

A number of concerns are being raised with me regarding the changes in bus services stopping at Runcorn town centre following the opening of the Mersey Gateway. My constituents are telling me that the changes are isolating the “Old Town” and causing them a great deal of inconvenience. While I completely understand the need for the Runcorn/Widnes Bridge to be closed, it is not acceptable for bus services to be changed in the way that my constituents are experiencing.  There are also fears that it will discourage people from visiting the town centre for shopping etc. The X1 is a service particularly mentioned.

I would be grateful if this could be looked at again to find an urgent solution and I
 look forward to your reply.


Kind regards,


Derek Twigg MP







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